Our Residential Facilities

Our homes

All of our homes offer accommodation and support in a relaxed, homely environment, which is both safe and secure. We provide group houses for those who require more intensive support and supervision and also bespoke bungalows, flats and shared houses for people to move on to as their skills and abilities grow. We also provide training flats for people to experience and learn more independent living skills to support their transition. Some of our homes operate to a locked door policy to ensure the safety of service users and the community.

Through the provision of this pathway of different types of accommodation and support we are able to help people progress should their needs and abilities allow and we are also able to manage relapses in conditions and behaviours by moving people to more intensive accommodation options without having recourse to unnecessarily restrictive or institutional care.

Each home is run by a qualified Registered Care Manager, who is supported by a highly skilled staff support team.

Thank you and your staff for the exceptional care and support you have given to our son and ourselves over the past few months.

- Parent

Our Homes are: