Service User Inclusion

Millennium Care Services hold a monthly meeting with service user representation and their support staff from each location.

We call ourselves The MCS Inclusion Group. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 3.30pm in the training room.

We share ideas and information and offer support to each other.

In July’s meeting we shared the new company’s values:

  • With not for
  • Responsive
  • Develop potential
  • Make a difference
  • Inclusive

To ensure we are true to our values we asked both service users and staff representatives about the values.

We asked service users, “Would you recommend us to a friend?” They said:-

  • It’s brilliant
  • They do it properly
  • We do activities
  • It’s a good company –  staff are respectful
  • Staff are helpful
  • They help people get better
  • They are understanding
  • The website is ok – could use a visual link
  • They are all right
  • A lot going on – gives you something to do to get      out and stops you being fed up.
  • Social Evenings
  • Millennium do all sorts
  • Will contact Social Services if needed
  • Good at their job – talking about activities
  • Write journals
  • Will help with cooking
  • Work hard – don’t shout

We then asked staff, “Why do you work for Millennium Care Services?” They said:-

  • There is something different every day
  • I enjoy supporting people and fulfilling lives
  • We get well trained
  • There is support available via the phone
  • Friendly management and staff
  • Fulfilling day – helping others
  • Making a difference in people’s lives
  • Being award winning
  • Strong company and strong team
  • Right work ethic
  • We get paid
  • Have the tools and support to do their job

This was done in role play and the points were written on large sheets, and demonstrate that we are true to our values.