Our Approach

Our approach

Millennium Care is in the unique position of being able to provide services to meet the range of needs of people with a learning disability or autism, who require support to live their life to the full. We have expertise in supporting those who have a range of complex needs, who challenge services or because of their risk issues may be unable to live independently in the community without Intensive support or supervision.

We offer person centred support to adults with varying degrees of learning disability. We also support individuals with autistic spectrum disorders, mental illness, complex physical and emotional needs, multiple disabilities, challenging behaviours and risk issues. Service users may have had unsettled or chaotic pasts with a history of numerous placements and we at Millennium Care aim to provide a settled, safe and fulfilling environment,which maximises opportunities for social inclusion.

Service users may come to us from community services, the family home, stepping down from secure or locked hospitals or in transition from residential schools.

We work closely with a wide range of multi-disciplinary teams within health and social care to ensure we jointly support people safely in the community, including individuals who are leaving hospital on a Guardianship or a Community Treatment Order of the Mental Health Act or subject to Deprivation of Liberty procedures.

We provide a flexible pathway of care so that we are able to support and accommodate people as their needs change.

Through our Residential services, we provide group based homes for those who require more intensive daily support as well as bespoke bungalows, shared houses and flats for people to move on to as their skills develop or as their abilities to manage their behaviour grow. Domiciliary Care and Supported Living services can support people in their own homes, through a range of different packages at varying degrees of intensity to allow people to move on to more independent living.

To complete the pathway we provide an innovative service through the Activity Resource Centre ensuring that all those accessing our services can make use of a range of meaningful outcome based activities to support their social inclusion. These are provided both at our centres and within the local community. We aim to provide a holistic approach to service provision in accordance with each person’s needs and aspirations. This approach encompasses all aspects of their care alongside social inclusion, leisure, recreation and as well as other forms of occupation, whilst safely managing risks.

We use our bespoke tool, MOAT (Millennium Outcomes Assessment Tool) to assess and care plan with our services users and to devise appropriate goals from which their progress towards these and their outcomes are measured.

We have a proactive approach to service user and carer involvement and as well as being at the centre of their care planning, our service users are actively involved in making decisions about where they live and the things that affect their lives in many ways. Services users are involved in the recruitment of new staff, regular meetings within their homes and the Activity Resource Centre and in Supported Living. Service users are also represented at a variety of meetings within the company and attend local meetings and forums across the region. We distribute annual questionnaires to service users, their carers and professionals and ensure we make use of suggestions for change and improvements gained through the responses as well as through our Complaints and Comments procedures.

People are proactively involved in making decisions about how the home is run.
Regular house meetings are held with staff and there is a suggestions box so that people can bring up any ideas about how these meetings are run’.

- CQC inspection report

I feel the centre is a wonderful place, the staff help to make sure everyone gets the best out of the activities and they motivate everyone. My daughter has become more independent and can make small decisions for herself

- Parent